Making The Right Choice For Your Mobile Technology Needs

So, you (or your boss) have decided you need to incorporate some type of mobile software into your business processes to eliminate waste, increase workforce transparency and speed up operational execution. The first thing you need to decide is, “Do I build or buy?”

Regardless of whether you decide to build the application yourself or use a prime piece of application software from a third party the second question you should be asking is… HTML5, Native or a hybrid cross between the two? Clueless as to what either of these are or just searching for more information to help you make the right choice? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

  • HTML5 – HTML5 is a non-standardized browser based language used by developers to create cross platform web applications. It is preferred for projects that require rapid creation and deployment and/or a low cost execution.
  • NATIVE – Native applications are written in the specific language of the platform on which they will be deployed. Native applications can be the most stable and feature rich of all application types.
  • HYBRID – Hybrid applications leverage a single codebase combined with web technologies (such as JavaScript) to create cross-platform applications that look and behave as native.

Here at Movista, where we create powerful applications used by large teams across many different platforms, we hold this statement as truth: “Enterprise users demand exceptional experiences on every device at every moment. For mobile workforces, HTML5 (web apps) presents many challenges verses native or hybrid platforms.” And here is why….

If your business requires high performance and excellent user experiences, HTML5 may not be the best bet. Consider your back-end needs, too – the more complex and numerous your requirements for integration with back-end systems, security, push messaging, and offline sync, the more you should move towards a native or hybrid approach.

To shine more light on the differences between HTML5, Native apps or a hybrid between the two, we’ve created this visual comparison chart:

mobile technology maximum potential comparison