Execute with Efficiency and Ease

Cover More Locations in Less Time with Suggested Routes & GPS

Field and hourly employees can plan their work days in advance including their drive-route, which locations they visit in what order, and their task details and plans for each location.

Due to centralized project information, clear task assignments and suggested GPS routes hourly employees become much more productive meaning they can cover locations faster and get more done per day!

“Our reps are in 2 extra stores a day. That’s a 33% increase!” – Lindt USA, international chocolate company

Decrease Operational Costs Through Increased Field Team Performance

Mobile and field employees receive their schedules and all task instructions though One by Movista. One by Movista also shows employees the locations they need to cover on a map with suggested routes and built-in GPS. The advanced GPS feature suggests the most efficient store routes to field teams so that they do not waste time and company money.

Performance data is collected such as project and task completion time so corporations are able to more accurately measure field employees’ abilities. Managers are then able to place their most efficient reps on the most difficult projects which will cut down on project execution cost time and cost.

Since the project plans and instructions will pass through less hands from the office to the field, it will result in decreased corporate management costs on top of decreased in-store execution times.

“We have increased on-time execution from 75% to 98% while reducing management expenses.” – Serv-U-Success, Inc.; internal merchandising team for Meijer, Inc.

Produce The Best Displays & Projects with Streamlined Instructions

All project instructions, plans and examples are housed in one location so field employees can plan ahead and spend more time on execution while in the store or on location.

This enables field employees to work more efficiently meaning more time and attention can be spent on the project execution instead of schedules and organization.

Since all of the project instructions are sent straight from the office to the field, the final project is more likely to match the initial vision.