Verizon 4G LTE network broadens reach, strengthens security

LITTLE ROCK (DATE) – Movista, a northwest Arkansas company that provides mobile-first workforce management tools to some of the nation’s retail giants, will now be working directly with Verizon to power the applications on mobile devices. The company’s flagship solution, MVRetail, allows companies to leverage smart devices and “the cloud” to provide unparalleled real-time access and control to mobile workforces. The better and more frequently devices can connect to the Internet the faster the system can perform, that’s why the Verizon partnership was formed.

Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, Movista was founded by retail veterans and industry experts who understand field services are difficult to manage effectively. The company created the MVRetail solution to address the fundamental challenges of managing retail focused field teams. For retailers, manufacturers, service providers and auditors the platform delivers out of the box access to task scheduling, selling, file sharing, payroll and tracking tools.

All of Movista’s offerings are differentiated by their use of native applications that operate on virtually any smart device. Native applications are functional with or without connectivity but with 4G LTE data flows are all real-time. Depending on your business, real-time data flows can be critically important. That’s why MVRetail operates on Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network, which provides client security and wide accessibility for users.

“We are pleased to be helping our clients get more done in less time,” said Movista co-founder and president, Stan Zylowski. “Encouraging them to leverage the nation’s largest 4G LTE network is an obvious choice. The important outcome is better service to our customers. That’s what matters.”

Movista’s workforce management solution, MVRetail, is used for selling, merchandising, auditing and training purposes. With MVRetail users have an array of field management and execution tools at their fingertips such as task scheduling and verification, survey and auditing capabilities, geo-fencing, mileage tracking, and time stamping for an automated payroll process. All work through MVRetail is secure, verifiable and trackable.

“Movista’s solution is applicable to any retailer nationwide so they need a reliable, wide-reaching network as the foundation to provide this service to their customers,” said Kristi Crum, president of Verizon’s South Central Region. “Verizon’s 4G LTE network will have them covered from the largest cities to the smallest towns.”

With MVRetail companies are able to streamline their retail operations with real-time data updates that improve accountability and on time, in-store execution. With photo-driven proof of performance, location analysis and mileage tracking, businesses benefit from reduced administrative work and real-time analysis of what’s happening in the field. Users are able to see an immediate and long-lasting return on investment and have had fuel expenses drop by as much as 20 percent and labor costs lowered by up to 50 percent.

“In the past, 90% of service work was performed by managers due to reporting and communication inefficiencies,” said Doug Bonzelaar, an operations manager from Serv-U-Success. “Now that managers are able to monitor work via the MVRetail Management Portal, 90% of the work is performed by the hourly workforce, reducing management costs significantly while increasing on-time execution from 66% to 98.5%.”

Movista also serves industries beyond retail with products such as MVPet and MVMobile. In all of Movista’s solutions users can export data to CSV files or images/PDFs and be alerted about execution issues in real-time. Movista also automatically syncs data as work is being done to ensure that data is readily available. All dashboards and reports are completely customizable, allowing businesses to make Movista’s solutions work for their specific needs.

“Movista makes my problems their problems,” said Aaron Sims, Director of Sales and Merchandising for Ghirardelli, the California-based chocolate company. “They’re constantly bringing me solutions that help us better manage the workflow and workforce through easy-to-use dashboards and databases.”

Customer satisfaction and operational efficiency are at the heart of every decision Movista makes so they are continuously optimizing their enterprise workforce mobility solutions to elevate field performance to an unprecedented level of excellence.

“When strong enterprise mobility solutions are combined with the best 4G LTE network in the world, good things are bound to happen,” said Zylowski. “We are thrilled to be working with Verizon.”

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