Optimize Processes & Make Better Decisions

Decrease Reimbursement Costs & Automate Payroll Processes

One by Movista is equipped with advanced GPS and mileage tracking to ensure that miles driven matches the miles reported by the field or hourly employees. Since mileage reimbursement is backed by real data, reimbursement discrepancies will decrease. One by Movista workforce solution users have reported reduced fuel expenses of up to 20%.

Total hours worked and total miles driven are housed in one place, meaning the information can be easily compiled to accurately determine employees’ pay and mileage reimbursement.

Employees can even request time off through One by Movista. All payroll information can be exported internally or can be sent to a 3rd party payroll processor, automating the workforce payroll process like never before.

“We saved more on mileage reimbursement than the system cost us last year.” – TempurPedic, international mattress company

Realize Operational Efficiencies & Make Decisions Based on Real Data

One by Movista allows managers to collect real-time insights directly from the field to drive decisions backed by big data.

Data sync and workflow feedback capabilities allow data to be pushed from the field directly to the home office and address workflow hurdles as they happen. This data loop allows corporations to make operational and promotional changes immediately as well as drive more accurate predictions for procurement, sales forecasts, employee scheduling and marketing strategies.

Big data and the insights that come along with it are invaluable for any business to have. With the Data Sync, Custom Alerts and Custom Reporting, corporations can have real-time field data at their fingertips. Once the data is there, you can instantly export reports to prove the solution ROI in real-time!

“The insight Movista allows me to share with our executives is unprecedented. We are ecstatic.” – Ghirardelli US