Plan Ahead to Meet Demand

Plan Ahead & Send Last Minute Changes with Easy Scheduling

With One by Movista’s task management tools managers can plan employee schedules and projects in advance or instantly send instructions, videos and images at any time.

This flexibility allows managers to push out last minute changes as well as ensure that hourly employees will be available during peak seasons or when they are needed the most.

Managers can see which projects have been assigned to which employees at a glance making sure the field team is not overbooked or overworked.

“Movista makes my problems their problems, so they’re constantly bringing me solutions that help us better manage the workflow and the workforce through easy-to-use dashboards and database.” – Aaron Sims, Ghirardelli’s Director of Sales and Merchandising

Leverage Resources & Unify Teams with Centralized Planning

One, Movista’s total workforce management solution, allows corporations to leverage company resources across departments such as sales, merchandising and human resources by housing valuable data, feedback from the field, project sharing and employee scheduling all in one place.

Many corporations within industries such as manufacturing, retail, distribution, and third party services use the One by Movista solution to connect their teams and enable them to work together effectively.

These departments include but are not limited to: Sales Teams, Retail Teams, Reset Teams, Merchandising, Marketing, Accounting, Operations and Human Resources.

“Our Retail and Reset teams are now integrated. We are able to take one project and have both teams work on it, optimizing resources and shortening time to complete while maintaining high reliability.” – Serv-U-Success, Inc.; internal merchandising team for Meijer, Inc.

Always Keep Your Shelves Stocked & Customers Happy with Instant Store Data

Movista’s field workforce management solution, One, makes it easy to collect sales, promotional and product data directly from the store in real-time.

This instant feedback loop allows corporations to more accurately determine supply and demand for seasons, regions and even specific store or warehouse locations. You can keep a constant pulse on inventory control including damaged or return products, item counts, out of stock tracking and the overall status of products or services completed in the field.