Verify Projects & Monitor Field Teams

Verify Projects with Multimedia File Sharing & Auditing Capabilities

Multi-media file sharing capabilities allow managers to share tasks, plans and updates in real-time from their office or home in the form of videos, images, or PDFs. Since the multi-media file sharing works both ways, field workers can send images of their up-to-date progress to their managers while in the field.

With One by Movista, field employees can send their managers location updates, personnel changes and display counts or completed projects with pictures. Managers can verify in-field projects from the main office from their mobile devices. Corporations can also receive competitive data from the field to stay on top of their game.

These conditional survey and auditing capabilities allow managers to be more in control of the shelves their employees manage as well as their products on them.

“Our analyst collects Movista exports and creates weekly reporting documents organized to point out opportunities and drive further improvement as well as deliver Key Business Metrics.” – Serv-U-Success, Inc.; internal merchandising team for Meijer, Inc.

Monitor Field Team Performance & Attendance in Real-Time

With One by Movista, field workers can clock in and out for their workday as well as check in and out of store locations. One by Movista stores and tracks field employees’ hours worked, routes driven and location visited.

Geo-fencing pinpoints exactly where your employees are located to ensure they are working in the correct store or location. If they are not in the correct place, an alert will be sent to you, allowing you to manage by exception and reduce management coverage.

This, along with time stamping, increases employee accountability and uncovers time and resource efficiencies. By holding employees 100% accountable, workforce dishonesty and cost discrepancies are reduced significantly.

“Real time performance and data management, enabled me to check and evaluate the activities, performance and installer feedback any time of day, without interrupting the sales team’s routine.” – JCI, global diversified technology and industrial leader