Titans of Tech in Arkansas; April Seggebruch and Stan Zylowski, co-founders, Movista, Bentonville

April Seggebruch and Stan Zylowski,
Movista, Bentonville

In the words of Movista co-founder and CEO Stan Zylowski, “two self-described idiots remarkably beat the odds” and made a go of the Bentonville retail execution and workforce management platform. Zylowski met his fellow “idiot” — co-founder April Seggebruch — at the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. The two retail veterans were working on their MBAs when they hatched the idea for Movista in preparation for a business plan competition.

Zylowski says they simply refused to go away. “As my mama always said, ‘Nobody is useless; you can always use them as a bad example.’” The duo founded Movista in 2007 and grew it into an international firm headquartered in Bentonville with offices in nine states and London, England. Seggebruch and Zylowski obtained their first round of seed funding in 2008, began development of a check-in kiosk in 2009 and thanks to the iPad, launched a mobile focus in 2010. In 2018, Movista earned $12 million in capital A series funding to expand its tech and make key hires. In 2019, they acquired the workforce management platform and their largest competitor, Natural Insight. Movista continues to pursue an aggressive product road map to expand the ways they can maniacally serve their customers.

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