Movista Launches Insights Tool to Deliver 360 Vision to In-Store Execution

BENTONVILLE, Ark., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ Movista announced the launch of their Insights by Movista toolset in a series of major improvements to harmonize the retail ecosystem and better serve customers. Quickly following the launch of a new messaging and communications technology, YAPP, Insights is part of a broader play to better serve all stakeholders in retail.


The pandemic has intensified the importance of excellent in-store execution and leveraging technology to reduce out-of-stocks, to better serve buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) and to leverage a series of other performance improvements. Insights by Movista is a business intelligence (BI) platform powered by Google’s Looker. It allows Movista’s customers to create custom automated data feeds and dashboards. This integral part of Movista’s broader workforce management platform empowers teams and gives managers visibility and accountability into the field.


“We know how busy managers are every single day, so we wanted to deliver a completely customized experience that gives them the ability to see exactly what they need to know, the moment they need it,” said Movista co-founder and chief strategy officer, April Seggebruch.


Insights provides visibility first and foremost, with access to comprehensive, real-time data that empowers real-time decisions. The retail landscape changes almost every workday, generating overwhelming amounts of raw data from the field. The dashboards give managers the ability to focus on high-value information, enabling them to make better business decisions and improve performance.


Seggebruch continued, “Insights is just the beginning of our aggressive product roadmap. We remain committed to staying at the cutting-edge of retail through continued advancements through machine learning, automation, robust integrations and most importantly, employee engagement. These are our guiding lights to better serve our customers and there is much more to come.”


About Movista
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