Something to YAPP about: Movista launches all-in-one communications app for field teams and frontline workers

BENTONVILLE, Ark.Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Movista has launched “YAPP” — the latest piece of retail technology advancement from the retail solutions experts. YAPP focuses directly on enabling cross-store communications and announcements among all team members, from leaders to frontline operations.

YAPP is a precision tool for the future of how teams work together, promoting team member engagement, quicker task completion and team-wide accountability and understanding in day-to-day job duties.

“The amount of retail employees relying on outdated methods to quickly receive company-wide announcements and communication was a call to action for us. The ability to have immediate alignment with team members and leaders is a game-changer,” said Movista CEO and co-founder Stan Zylowski.

YAPP will instantly resolve not only the outdated routine of juggling different communication and productivity apps, but also the need to give personal information in exchange for work communications and announcements. It provides a central, secure platform to help businesses excel in the modern retail landscape.

Zylowski continued, “Along with the benefits to productivity, there’s also a large discussion surrounding privacy and moderation among work-related conversations that occur on, and potentially off, the clock. YAPP is the middle-man to make sure that any task at play is completed right and on time, and to ensure that conversations stay goal-oriented.”

About Movista
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